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The province Urubamba is situated in the department Cusco at an altitude of 2900 meters, in the heart of the Sacred Inca Valley. The current of the sacred Vilcanota river makes our valley the most fertile one of Cusco, we dare say of Peru.

Its historical heritage goes back to the Inca era, as your encounter with all the archeological sites, like Pisac, Ollantaytambo, Chinchero, Moray and Machu Picchu will conform you, That is the reason why our region developed itself into the most important touristic cultural centre of Peru.  Besides Urubamba is surrounded by powerful mountains with their eternal “snowheads” like Chicon, la Veronica, el Pitusiray and el Sawasiray who were seen in the Inca epoch as strong spiritual “Apus” (mountain spirits) in the Andean religion. This religion still exsists also nowadays in the Andes.

The access to the lost city Machu Picchu is becoming each time easier and more interesting. You depart by train from the station of Ollantaytambo, a 15 minute distance from us. The trip takes 2 hours and let you enjoy an extraordinary and spectacular panorama, that you will never forget as long as you live.

Also we are surrounded by enclosed antique natural walkways, who give you access to get to know our andean culture and his habitants well.

The sportive activities in the Sacred Valley have a big variety according to your interests, like Rafting, Mountain-Biking, Horse-Riding, Walking, Hiking and Survival tourism.

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