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Helena van Engelen, dutch, arrived in Peru with the sole intention to better the life- quality of deprived children and others in need and poverty in the province of Urubamba. So after an intense building process to set up the infrastructure for the foundation “Niños del Arco Iris”, nowadays the foundation is working with 5 sustaineble programs for children, youngsters and adults in education and healthcare.

The familyhouse.

Helena forms with her 16 fosterchildren a family, where Love, Respect and Confidence are the spiritual base. Her fosterchildren have a Home, Alimentation, Education  and Healthcare. Helena is the mother of this beautiful family; her Peruvian family.


Educational Technical Productive Centre, where 100 youngsters get  a technical education for free, in 5 different careers: carpentry/woodsculpture, hotel/reception/English, industrial sewing, I.T.,and electricity/electronics. The by government acknowleged careers have a duration of 2 years. We are proud to say that 80% of our certificated students are more then compatible in the labor market.


In our Daycentre assist 130 deprived children from our neigborhood communities, for very necesary supplementary education. These children receive from us, education, hygiene (they all shower in our installation), healthcare and a warm healthy meal. They receive the following lessons: Values, Creativity, English, I.T. Reading, Writing, Mathematics, Sports and Games.

Medical & Dental Practise.

In our medical and dental practice we treat for free all the suffering poor people from our region. We also developed health programs for deparisitation/prevention and fluorization for  the poor state schools in our province Urubamba and we have an integral healthprogram for familyhelp named “Familia Saludable- Familia Niños del Arco Iris” for 50 families who are selected by their great need and who now receive weekly from us social and medical prevention, education, orientation and help.

Other Activities.

Under the other activities done by our Foundation, is amongst others

The Women Cooperative, the women learn and produce artesanial products of export quality to earn money to maintain in a better way their families.

The “Open Heart” Festival, to honor the day of the Peruvian child, 1500 children participate.

Grandmother & Grandfatherday, a festival for all the forgotten “oldies” from our region, 300 persons.

The “Kite” Festival, with 3000 participants and every month our movie-theater evening for 150 deprived children of our communities, they enjoy a tremendous evening not knowing before that this could exist.

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